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Projects within Textile & Fashion 2030

There are many initiatives that work for sustainable development and circularity in the textile and fashion industry. The initiatives are often linked in one way or another to our seven areas of knowledge.

The platform’s seven knowledge areas – based on the textile value chain.

Within Textile & Fashion 2030, we challenge companies to step by step become a more sustainable company with products and services that contribute to a lower environmental footprint overall. Together with the companies, we carry out projects that explore, challenge and educate for a more sustainable textile value chain.

Ongoing projects

Design for Longevity

Within the project, companies are challenged to work with existing products and identify areas / details that can extend the product’s lifespan. Potentially, companies can achieve this by working with e.g. business models, design, function, material selection on fabric and accessories, sizes and fit. Companies also reflect on how they can communicate the product’s lifespan to consumers.
Link to project webpage (Only in Swedish)

Finished projects

Reduced waste and material consumption

The project aims to help companies reduce material consumption for existing products, this with regard to more efficient use of the material that is cut and thus reduce waste. The project investigates how different sizes and / or models affect the consumption of the total material consumption for an order curve.

Degree project/Thesis

Within the final course Degree Project, Textile & Fashion 2030 can collaborate with students at different levels of education. We present topics that are relevant to different student groups that possess different competencies and interests.

Learn more on our webpage for Degree Projects

Do you, as a company, want to get in touch with students who are going to do their degree projects? Then you are welcome to read more about this via the schools’ own collaboration pages.