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Join Textile & Fashion 2030

Do you want to be a part of Textile & Fashion 2030 and get help to develop your sustainability work?

Through a few simple steps, your company can join Textile & Fashion 2030 and gain access to guidance, tools and knowledge that develop your sustainability work – free of charge!
Please note – it is only possible for Swedish companies to join.

Go to the Swedish page to fill in our form and join today.

Why should you join?

By taking part in the platform’s activities and becoming part of our network you can, free of charge, take part in our knowledge and experience through, for example:

  • Self-assessment
  • Project support
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Training
  • Tools and resources

We are also happy to share good examples and inspiring projects that we find in relation to our areas of knowledge.

Creative environments

The University of Borås, the Swedish School of Textiles, and Science Park Borås are leading players in the work to make the textile and fashion industry future-focused through a circular economy and sustainable production and consumption.

Science Park Borås runs the Textile & Fashion 2030 platform via Smart Textiles. Together with the platform’s collaborative partners, we are pursuing the goal of Sweden’s being a leading role model in fashion and sustainable textiles.

We offer the opportunity to further develop ideas and test them in real environments through the Do-tank Center and the Swedish School of Textile’s workshops. In this way, we contribute to positive societal development and economic growth in the textile and fashion industry.

The Swedish School of Textile’s workshops

Through the Swedish School of Textile’s workshops, you will receive access to a world-class machine park. There are full-scale laboratories with cutting-edge expertise in, for example, fibers, knitwear, weaving, confectionery, color, and preparation as well as print and media, which create opportunities to realize ideas and develop and generate new innovations, products, and services in the market.

Do-tank Center

This is a physical environment in the Textile Fashion Center in Borås where companies can gain access to space, equipment, and skills to adapt to a sustainable supply chain, including design, choice of materials, production, distribution, and business model. New ideas can be realized and concretized, and the purpose is to move from idea and design towards testing, demos, and prototype production of ideas linked to circular business models.

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