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The national platform for sustainable fashion and textiles

Textile Challenge

From inspiring seminars to challenging projects Textile Challenge is a series of activities aiming to inspire...

Big Do

Designers and visionaries are invited to create inspiring concepts based on the United Nation’s Sustainable...


Exhibition concept within Textile & Fashion 2030 Exposé is a design-driven public exhibition concept within...

Textile and fashion 2030_international conference

International Summit 2021

On October 26 the International Summit 2021 Big DO Design Hackathon was live broadcasted from Borås. Learn...

An autonomous delivery robot now being tested in the City of Borås

If you are lucky, you will be able to spot a curious little robot roaming the streets of Borås between 19 and...

10 May, 2022
Big Do Samtal under konferens

International conference attracted an audience from around the world

Challenges in textile and fashion production, the role of research, the impact of politics, and the results...

9 November, 2021
Big Do

International summit to challenge companies to explore new perspectives and work approaches

The textile and fashion industry faces a large number of significant challenges. Opportunities for global collaborations...

18 October, 2021

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