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The National Platform for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

Sweden unites for a sustainable textile and fashion industry

Textile Challenge

Project challenges for companies in a specific area of knowledge that start with an inspiring seminar and lead...

Big Do

Designers and visionaries are invited to create inspiring concepts based on the United Nation’s Sustainable...


A design-driven exhibition concept that promotes inspiration and generates knowledge exchange for further experimentation....

International Conference

An international conference on global issues in the textile and fashion industry. Conference with an exciting...

Big Do

Big Do – Design that changes the world

On 26-30 August, the Big Do activity was organized under Textile & Fashion 2030, a national platform commissioned...

10 February, 2020
Textile Challenge

Textile Challenge 2 – Transparency and brand activism

Transparency builds trust and strong brands On 11 September it was once again time to challenge textile and...

10 February, 2020

Streamed clothes that last 48 hours

The clothes of the future may be highly fleeting. Not because they are passed on to someone else after use or...

10 February, 2020
Du måste godkänna

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