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The national platform for sustainable fashion and textiles

Textile Challenge

From inspiring seminars to challenging projects Textile Challenge is a series of activities aiming to inspire...

Big Do

Designers and visionaries are invited to create inspiring concepts based on the United Nation’s Sustainable...


Exhibition concept within Textile & Fashion 2030 Exposé is a design-driven public exhibition concept within...

Textile and fashion 2030_international conference

International Conference

An international conference on global issues in the textile and fashion industry. Conference with an exciting...

Design hackathon: ideas to change the fashion industry

A clean, fair, prosperous, and circular future for the textile and fashion industry is the goal. Textile &...

1 September, 2021
Big Do

Big Do 2021 – Textile & Fashion 2030 is ready to challenge the world again

Big Do 2021 got kicked off on 9-10 February with Textile & Fashion 2030’s vision workshop, to which visionaries...

26 March, 2021

Digital Exposé – sustainable development in an interactive exhibition environment

Textile & Fashion 2030 launches the Digital Exposé – an interactive exhibition environment in which sustainable...

5 January, 2021

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