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Result and inspiration

A design-driven exhibition concept that promotes inspiration and generates knowledge exchange for further experimentation.

The Exposé is a design-driven public exhibition concept within Textile & Fashion 2030 with the aim to increase awareness amongst textile and fashion companies, as well as consumers, about the issues associated with the textile and fashion industry.

In the Exposé, visionary and problem-solving examples are presented together with best practices within a circular and sustainable textile sector. Related research and ongoing initiatives within the textile and fashion production are also highlighted.

The Exposé will be presented on different locations both national and international. Examples of content are: results from the Big Do activity, results from Textile Challenges, and results from national as well as international sustainability projects.

Desired effect

Increased awareness of:

– The problems associated with the textile and fashion industry
– Possible solutions to improve the industry


Type of activity: Public exhibition concept within the platform

Number planned during establishment: 9

Target group: All players in the textile and fashion industry. Also aimed at consumers and public authorities.

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