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Speakers Textile Challenge 4

Title: How can you as a company identify risks and work systematically in accordance with the Global Goals in the production chain?

Speaker: Lotta Amsen, Sustainability Consultant, Trossa

Lotta Amsén is a sustainability consultant focusing on sustainable supply chains and strategic sustainability work with Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals as a starting point. Prior to starting as a consultant at Trossa, she worked as Sustainability Manager at the Indian textile company with overall responsibility for developing, implementing and following up the company’s sustainability strategies as well as responsibility for managing the company’s sustainability-related risks throughout the value chain. Lotta has a great habit of strategic and operational work in sustainable business development and communication, from current situation analysis, goals and action plans to follow-up and training. Lotta is educated as a political scientist (Pol. Mag) at Uppsala University and a certified Lead Auditor for both ISO 9001 and 14001.

Trossa offers consulting services within sustainable business development. Trossa’s consultants have many years of experience from various assignments and industries, from specific issues to investigations, strategy and communication.


Title: Environmental impacts of the life cycle of garments (Seminar in English)

Speaker: Björn Spak, Researcher, RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

Björn Spak has worked with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for over 15 years, first for a long time at the sustainability department at Essity (formerly SCA Hygiene Products) and since 2018 at RISE. During his time at RISE he has worked with textiles in eg. the Mistra Future Fashion program for system change in the fashion industry and the EU Horizon 2020 project Trash-2-Cash where pre- and post-consumer textile waste was utilized to make new fibers. RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner, which in an international collaboration with companies, academia and the public sector contributes to a competitive business and a sustainable society.


Title: Fashion victim of the textile industry
(Seminar in English)

Speaker: Alina Klaseva, Program Officer, Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI)

Alina Klaseva, Program Officer of the Stockholm Textiles Water Initiative, with experience working in the fashion industry, environmental science and hydrology. Currently working on increasing knowledge sharing in the textiles industry and with sustainable resource management within the industry’ s supply chain.

The Sweden textile Water Initiative is an impact based capacity building program on environmental performance of suppliers of the textiles and apparel industry. Through their actions, they contributing to wiser water management.


Title: The new generation’s production
(Seminar in English)

Speaker: Felicia Lundberg, Project Manager, XV Production

Felicia Lundberg
is one of the founders of XV Production, which is a design and production studio in sewing and textiles. The ambition is to have control of the entire chain from idea to finished product and the company has just moved into a 420 square meter studio where the vision of a full-scale in-house concept has been realized. XV Production helps Swedish brands to have a close, sustainable and transparent manufacturing process.

XV Production also operates XV Atelier, an unsiex brand that produces garments of well-chosen material choices with high expressiveness.


Title: Sustainable production, now and moving forward

Speaker: Fredrik Johansson, Business Developer, FOV Fabrics

Fredrik Johansson is co-owner and chairman of the board of FOV Fabrics AB. His daily role in the company is business development. FOV Fabrics manufactures and sells functional textile materials for both apparel and industrial applications worldwide. The switch from from traditional production to sustainable production, how does that work? What does it mean and how do you do it? These are questions and issues that FOV has worked with for the past eight years.


Title: Our never ending expedition
Speaker: Åsa Andersson,  Sustainability & Quality Manager, Peak Performance

Åsa Andersson, Sustainability and Quality Manager since 2011 at the international Sports Fashion brand Peak Performance. She has over 20 years of experience of working in the textile industry with production, pattern, quality and sustainability.In her current position she is involved in several research projects such as POPfree, MinShed and Tex-it.

Peak Performance is a founding member of STICA, Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, where Åsa holds a place in the steering committee. Peak Performance has also signed the UN Fashion Charter for Climate Action, in which Åsa is part of the work package for Raw Material.


Title: Framstegsmodellen

Speaker: Jonas Larsson, Researcher, The Swedish School of Textiles

Jonas Larsson Senior Lecturer in Textiles and Fashion at the Swedish School of Textiles with a focus on building sustainable systems for production, distribution and sales of fashion.