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Exposé shows sustainable solutions

Premiere of Exposé!

Compostable clothes that can turn into biogas, surplus stock that is reworked in a microfactory and made into desirable fashion garments within a couple of weeks, renewal methods that allow your white T-shirt to have an eternal life. During the National Workshop 23-24 October, Exposé premiered at the Textile Fashion Center in Borås. An exhibition that shows solutions that will inspire both consumers and textile and fashion companies to become more sustainable.

Exposé is a design-driven public exhibition concept within the framework of the governmental commission Textile & Fashion 2030 that has the goal of raising awareness among textile and fashion companies, as well as consumers, around problems related to textile and industry as well as arranging inspiring opportunities for creating sustainable products and solutions.

Lena-Marie Jensen, coordinator of the knowledge groups within Textile & Fashion 2030, shows the exhibition for the former Minister of the Environment Karolina Skog (MP) during the workshop “Nationell Verkstad”, October 23-24 in Borås. Photo: Suss Wilén

Results from Big Do

Exposé is currently showing off results from the Big Do activity organized within the framework of Textile & Fashion 2030 in Borås on 26-30 August 2019. Designers from Gina Tricot, Craft Sportswear, Guringo Design Studio, London College of Fashion and Houdini Sportswear (not featured in the current Exposé) challenged their existing processes in a design hackathon with the goal of developing new products and solutions for a more sustainable textile and fashion industry. The ideas have been developed in the Swedish School of Textile’s workshops and the creative environment in the DO-tank Center at Science Park Borås together with supervisors and technicians from the Swedish School of Textiles, Smart Textiles and re:textile.

The content of the current exhibition shows three perspectives on sustainable solutions that also capture the philosophy of Textile & Fashion 2030. There is not a solution to the problem; rather the solution is to work with several solutions in parallel – and that together we make a difference.

Gina Tricot and Craft Sportswear are responsible for the re-making perspective in which surplus garments have been reworked in a temporary microfactory and turned into fashionable clothes that can be launched in a short time via existing sales channels. Guringo Design Studio assumes the perspective of doing the right thing from the start and that clothing production should take place within global limitations. Guringo shows off 3D-printed organic, functional garments with a short life that can be thrown away and thus are then able to become biogas. Naomi Bailey-Cooper from the London College of Fashion has in her turn explored the possibility of creating a system of methods to renew and freshen up existing garments as part of a future service offering. The Exposé exhibits, among other things, a sweatshirt treated with enzymes which significantly reduced the amount of pilling.

Mobile exhibition

Exposé is a mobile exhibition that will be presented both nationally and internationally. It will include a mix of visionary solutions and good examples for a circular and sustainable textile sector, as well as related research and ongoing initiatives in textile and fashion production. The content will vary and consists of results from, among others, Big Do activities and Textile Challenges within the framework of the platform, as well as results from both national and international sustainability projects.

The next stop for Exposé is the Historical Museum in Stockholm where parts of the exhibition will be exhibited in connection with the Textile Challenge 3 on 13-14 November. Exposé will then proceed to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in Stockholm on 13-18 November.

For more information about Exposé contact Niina Hernández, knowledge group leader at Textile & Fashion 2030.

Read more about Big Do in the previously published article, Big Do – design that changes the world.

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