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French-Swedish Research Days

The annual French-Sweden Research Days has an aim to bring together academic researchers in France and Sweden. The event is arranged by the French Embassy in Sweden. This year the focus area is textiles, and the event is therefore co-hosted with the University of Borås and Science Park Borås, and held in Textile Fashion Centre in Borås. The event can also be attended online.

The event is open for anyone interested in on-going research on textiles. During the event researchers will talk about alternative fibres and textile materials, smart textiles, and the circular economy in the textile sector. There will also be company presentations. The event will give an opportunity to make new contacts to France, and to discuss co-operation possibilities between universities in Sweden and France.

Among the speakers you will find Bruno Mougin, Techtera, Nawar Kadi, University of Borås, Henri Vahabi, University of Lorraine, Delia Dumitrescu, University of Borås, Aurélie Cayla, École nationale supérieure des arts et industries textiles och Vincent Nierstrasz, University of Borås.

See the full program here. The event is free of charge.

When: 18-19 October

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