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Live broadcast from Borås

On 26 October, Textile & Fashion 2030 will live broadcast the International Summit 2021 Big DO Design Hackathon to inspire companies and increase insight among decision-makers and other stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability within the textile and fashion industry.

Time and agenda

Date: 26th of October 2021
Time: 3 pm-6 pm, Central European time

Set up: Digital event with the studio in Borås, Sweden. Content will be a mix of live broadcast in studio or by link and pre- recorded films.


2.50- 3.00 – Check in

3.00- 3.15 – Welcome

The hosts for the day, Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson and Annegret Affolderbach together with Textile & Fashion 2030 platform manager, Susanne Nejderås, presents the background to the event.

3.15- 3.25 – Introduction

Ulrika Modéer, Assistant Secretary General & Director of Bureau of External Relations & Advocacy @UNDP, gives her view on the sustainability challenges we are facing and the importance of global cooperation in this.

Dr Lewis Akenji, Managing Director of the Berlin-based think tank Hot or Cool Institute, talks about what the 1.5 degree lifestyle actually means and the changes in consumption patterns that is needed.

3.25- 4.05 – Mindset growth

What kind of change is needed in terms of mindset to achieve a transformation of the textile and fashion industry? Big DO participants, Lucas Maethger, Wanda Lephoto and Matthew Edwards, share their thoughts about mindset growth and the Big DO experience.

How can we all contribute to a mindset change? Håkan Juholt, Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden, Pretoria, South Africa, Christiane Dolva, Global Sustainability Director at Fjällräven, Xzavier Zulu, Art Director & Upcycler and Birgitta Losman, Sustainability strategist at the University of Borås, reflect on the subject.

4.05- 4.15 – Break

4.15- 4.50 – Factory X

How can a new, more flexible production set up contribute to a transformation of the industry? How do we work with inclusion and make new technology accessible?

Jonas Larsson, assistant professor at The Swedish School of Textiles, presents the vision of Factory X and discuss future possibilities with Big DO participants Caitlyn Taggart, Under Armour, Miki San, Fashion agent, and Jesper Danielsson, Houdini.

Emma Garotte, Gina Tricot, share how they have worked to explore new possibilities of a local production set-up.

Maria Brogren, Science & Innovation Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden to the USA, reflects on the importance of global collaboration when it comes to innovation and green transition. How can the Embassy of Sweden contribute in this? 

Michael Schragger, Founder and Director of The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) and The Swedish Textiles Initiative for Climate Action (STICA), talks about the importance of a green transition for the textile industry.

4.50- 5.00 – Break

5.00- 5.40 – Big DO innovation

Why is innovation so important? What are the prerequisites that creates innovation?

Anna Bilén, Shyness, Wendy Heijne, Studio Heijne, and Daniel Moe, Moe, show prototypes made in the Big Do process and share their thoughts behind the prototypes.

Erik Valvring and Adrian Zethraeus, Science Park Borås, talk about the importance of innovation and how to inspire and challenge more companies to innovate!

Vincent Stanley, co-author of the book “The responsible company” and Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, Inc, talks about their journey and their key to success.

5.40- 6.00 – Reflection and summary of the day

Alice Bah Kuhnke gives her reflections on mindset growth, innovation and global cooperation.

The hosts together with Susanne Nejderås and Jonas Larsson sums up the day and discuss how we can continue the work to transform the textile and fashion industry by developing tangible and forward-thinking solutions.

6.00- 6.10 – Guided Exhibition – Digital Exposé

6.10- 7.00 – Digital mingle